Discoveries of the Week: 27 January - 02 February 2021


Fights - Meth Metal
(Hardcore Punk from Oslo, Norway)

V/Terpan - When the Poems gave us Life
(Alternative Rock / Synth Pop from London, England)

Realma - A Hint of Pink
(Shoegaze /Dream Pop from Bor, Serbia)

Tough on Fridays - Undone
(Grunge / Punk Rock from Georgetown (Texas), USA)

Loose T - Brexit
(Rap Rock from London, England)

Noble Savage - Leap into Shade
(Darkwave / Post Punk from Los Angeles (California), USA)

Cigarettes for Breakfast - Wait
(Post Rock / Shoegaze from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), USA)

Tamara Jenna - Snakes and Ladders
(Rap / Hip Hop from Birmingham, England)

The Turner Brothers - Money
(Funk / Big Band from Watford, England)

The Gykers Group - хмарь
(Alternative Rock from Russia)

RedHook - Cure 4 Psycho
(Alternative Rock / Rapcore from Syndey, Australia)

Teresa Banks - The Stand
(Punk Rock from Helsinki, Finland)

Thomas Meleteas - Shapeshifting Wizards
(Folk Rock from Athens, Greece)

Truth & Tragedy - Helmland
(Post Hardcore from Bamberg, Germany)

The So Called Natives - Including You
(Indie Rock from Charlotte (North Carolina), USA)


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