Album Review: Giants Dwarfs and Black Holes - Everwill (2021)

Picture Credit: Giants Dwarfs and Black Holes

Giants Dwarfs and Black Holes - Everwill
Release Date: January 15, 2021
Label: Interstellar Smoke Records / Galactic Smokehouse
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 42:01
Genre: Psychedelic Rock / Heavy Rock
Origin: Pfungstadt, Germany

I learned something today! I used to be convinced that the plural of dwarf was dwarves. Now I know that both, dwarfs and dwarves are correct.

Anyways, there is more important stuff to ramble about. Pfungstadt's Giants Dwarfs and Black Holes have released their debut album "Everwill". The German quartet provides us five powerful, heavy and stunningly psychedelic tracks.

"Everwill" is a 42-minute lucid dream. Giants Dwarfs and Black Holes  make use of dark imagery and probably some occult witchcraft to infauate their audience's senses. Acid-laden and bewitched Psychedelic Rock creates opulent dreamscapes with a certain tendency towards Doom Metal. Like Alice, the listeners are encountering a surreal, beautiful and exciting wonderland when diving into this trippy album.

There is a certain similarity to Schmalkalden's Goddys, which is both to the musical style and some similarity in the vocals by Luzzi and Emma. Nevertheless, Giants Dwarfs and Black Holes are a little more halting and heavy than their Thuringian colleagues. "Everwill" is a colourfully dark and beautifully occult journey through different perceptions of reality, dream and time.

Giants warfs and Black Holes Online:


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