EP Review: Harvey Dormer - Songs for Parties (2021)

Picture Credit: Harvey Dormer

 Harvey Dormer - Songs for Parties
Release Date: April 20, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 20:34
Genre: Post Punk / Post Rock
Origin: London, England

"Songs for Parties" is the solo debut by London's Harvey Dormer, and it might be one of the most cynical titles there can be. The five-track EP is an exploration of the chasms of human bahviour and contemporary society. Hence, "Songs for Parties" features songs about verbal abuse, toxic relationships, self-doubts, depression and harmful medication, but also a reflected outlook and the realization of one's worth.

Music-wise, Harvey Dormer is predominantly moving through the realms of 'Post-' genres. Thick clouds of atmosperic Post Rock clash with the melancholy of Post Punk and the spiky edges of Post Hardcore. The overall dark mood of Alternative Rock and New Wave could also be called Post-Grunge here.
The result is an extremely dark soundscape, and everyone who has ever struggled with mental health issues or toxic relationships might agree that the music fits the content perfectly. Yet, it is neither a raging thunderstorm that erupts from this merge of styles, nor is the EP dragging the audience down into an abyss of sadness. Instead, it is a soothing and salutogenetic soundscape that feels like warm summer rain washing away all negativity.

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