News: Lemon - Shiiine on (2021)

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 Lemon - Shiiine on
Release Date: May 28, 2021
Length: 04:32
Genre: Indie Rock / Indie Funk
Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dutch quartet Lemon is hereby introducing the third Summer of Love. Influenced by the music, but predominantly by the second wave and artists such as Primal Scream or Stone Roses, the band from Amsterdam is calling for another era of love, peace, and respect. The Age of Aquarius is kicking in!
Lemon are Thomas Gense (vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussions), Ralf Hesen (vocals, guitars), Paul Hesen (vocals, drums), and Mark 'Bong the Bass' Bongers (vocals, bass). On this sonic joint, Lemon are getting further support by guest vocalist Cath Coffey from London's Stereo MCs.

The foundation of "Shiiine on" is a body-moving Funk rhythm provided by bass, percussions, and drums. Keyboards and guitar create a calleidoscope of hypnotizing Psychedelic Rock and boppy Indie Rock. The polyphonous vocals create an anthemic ode to joy, love, peace, and happiness.
Lemon are a band you should keep in mind because they really belong on big open air stages. John and Yoko sang 'We all shine on' - Lemon's psychedlic Indie Funk hymn is a worthy successor.
Let the third Summer of Love begin!

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