News: Jem Doulton - The Thingly Thing (2021)

Picture Credit: Jem Doulton
Photograph: Chris Floyd
Artwork: Aude Debout

 Jem Doulton - The Thingly Thing
Release Date: April 30, 2021
Length: 10:57
Genre: Shoegaze / Dream Pop
Origin: London, England

London's Jem Doulton is hereby introducing a new musical journey. The musician who plays with Roisín Murphy, Thurston Moore, Dead Days Beyond Help and many others has invited his friends to record songs for a new great work. With "The Thingly Thing", the first of these songs has been released, and many more about to come within the next weeks.
Guests on this song are:
Kevin Toublant - bass,
Agathe Max - violin, spoken word,
Ben Doulton - guitar,
Benji Bouton - percussion.

"The Thingly Thing" is a sonic exploration into the deepest and most colourful realms of unconsciousness. The musical reverie is driven by  an energetic beat that leads the audience into a caleidoscope of sonic reverie and psychedelic mirrors. Waves of light and sound create a thrilling set of images that can be located somewhere in the fields of Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Art Pop, and Synthwave.
"The Thingly Thing" is a song to let go to - a fantastic dream full of surprises.

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