News: Molosser - Solid Gold (2021)

Picture Credit: Solid Gold

 Molosser - Solid Gold
Release Date: April 14, 2021
Length: 06:15
Genre: Folk Rock
Origin: UråsaSweden

Following "Unsolid", here is another single release from Molosser's album "Appear". The six-minute track paints beautifully swinging images by only using downtuned guitar, drums and, vocals. The colours of this sonic painting are saturated, thick, dark, and smell of semi-sweet red wine.

The soundscape on this gorgeous piece of Folk Rock is a bit less jazzy than on "Unsolid". Instead, the bittersweet melancholy is even thicker here. Molosser's "Solid Gold" is a deeply soothing reverie spreading passion, warmth, and the urge to light a candle. This is independent dark Folk Rock for the campfire site, for an endless journey, and for the passionate. Molosser have once more produced a sensual and hypnotizing song.

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Molosser Online:
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