News: Molosser - Unsolid (2021)

Picture Credit: Molosser

 Molosser - Unsolid
Release Date: April 03, 2021
Length: 04:33
Genre: Folk Rock
Origin: Uråsa, Sweden

Jahn (acoustic guitar) and Tess (acoustic guitar, drums, vocals) are Molosser. The Swedish duo mixes Northern European Folk with dark Alternative Rock and creates a unique and moody soundscape. "Unsolid" is their newest single that also happens to be the opening track of their recent album "Appear".

A guitar tuned so low, it builds a jazzy bass line, hovers over dynamic percussions and joins an ecstatic dance with the folky lead guitar. The soulful hymn moves the body like a fiddle charming a snake while Tess' stunning vocals complete the hypnotizing and coloufully dark sonic image. You might spot similarities to Mäkkelä's Folk Noir here. Nevertheless, the Folk Rock by Molosser is unique ad absolutely mesmerizing.

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Molosser Online:
Homepage (Evil Ear)


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