Single Review: Catching Arrows - Locked in (2021)

Picture Credit: Patty Duffey Photography

 Catching Arrows - Locked in
Release Date: August 20, 2021
Length: 03:27
Genre: Indie Rock / Pop Punk
Origin: Boston, MA, USA

Catching Arrows' latest single 'Locked in' is a song about desire, about yearning, about missing your friends, missing playing music together, missing all the good aspects about human interaction, and most obviously, it is a song about the lockdowns.
'Locked in' also is a song by a very talented young band from New England. Catching Arrows are a band with a lot of potential, and thus it is really worth supporting these young artists. Like Detention from Akron, Ohio, here is a band that keeps (Punk) Rock alive and transfers it to the next generation.

The mix of Indie Rock, Pop Punk, and Indie Pop that Catching Arrows present here is deeply soulful and extremely catchy. Traces of legendary forerunners like No Doubt can clearly be spotted, but also Catching Arrows add a very own note to their sound. After all, 'Locked in' is a song that is radio-ready while not neglecting the paths of Indie Rock and Pop Punk.

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