Single Review: Heathensun - Beach (2021) - Guest Feature by Ilya Yclept


HEATHENSUN – BEACH  Release Date: November 11th, 2021 Label: independent Format: single Length: 03:00 Genre: NU METAL

A new name on the nu metal scene - Heathensun rushes in with ambitions to head the genre revival.

The band presents the edgy and offensive breed of alternative metal, in the vein of Mudvayne banged Sum41 and had a baby who is homeschooled because he is too smart. And while Limp Bizkit return with a newer modern sound, Heathensun provide exactly the opposite - simplistic riffing, fat bass, rapping and scratches.

“Beach” managed to climb to the 7th position of Top 100 Metal Tracks on iTunes, becoming the living proof of resurrected interest towards nu metal in general (and “Beeech” screams in particular). Looks like during the pandemic everyone realised how tired they are from pathetic hardcore manifests and deep reflecting lyrics.

Jokes aside, if “Having sex with you was like catching stardust/ RIP my dick/ Dust to dust” doesn’t melt your heart, i don’t know what will. Go read some poetry or something.

Youtube-version of the song features an extra verse, so you know where to head for that extra crisp nu metal goodness.

Text by Ilya Yclept


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