EP Review: Swarm of Spheres - Brother, Take Five (2021)

Picture Credit: Swarm of Spheres

 Swarm of Spheres - Brother, Take Five
Release Date: October 15, 2021
Label: No Why Records
Format: Vinyl / Digital
Length: 23:07
Genre: Sludge / Stoner Rock
Origin: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

By only looking at the cover artwork and the title, one might assume that "Brother, Take Five" could be a Blues or Jazz EP (or at least, I did). But you know what they say about the books and judging them by their covers. Swarm of Spheres actually are pretty far away from Blues and Jazz music-wise. Their latest EP was recorded at Boxcar Sound Recording in June 2019, and it contains six tracks that present that darkest side of fuzz-driven sounds.

"Brother, Take Five" is a sonic confrontation with PTSD, anxiety, and rage. This EP can be mentioned alongside brutal releases such as Dystopia's "Human = Garbage" or Eyehategod's "Taken as needed for Pain". Swarm of Spheres create a sound that feels like wandering through the burning remains of a destroyed town. Fuzzy Stoner Rock and Stoner Metal drag the listeners into a dark tunnel of horror and rapture, while the brachial Sludge and Sludgecore attacks emphasize this traumatic journey. This is defintely nothing for cowards, but for lovers of postapocalyptic and nihilist soundscapes, "Brother, Take Five" is a true gem!

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