Album Review: Tyler Kamen - The Cassowary Manifesto (2021)

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 Tyler Kamen - The Cassowary Manifesto
Release Date: August 13, 2021
Label: Kamen Entertainment Group
Format: Digital
Length: 47:51
Genre: Prog Rock / Psychedelic Rock
Origin: New York, NY, USA

New York's Tyler Kamen is a musical story-teller. The album on hand is the sequel to previously released fantastic narrative "Mr. Loon and his spectacular Machine" (April 2021). The 20-song album follows the character Mrs Trinket as the protagonist who has lost her beloved bird, the cassowary which is eponymous for the album title. Without blowing too much of the plot, it can be revealed that Mrs Trinket finds herself on a quest liberating the cassowary from the animal sanitarium by Snafu the Poacher. On this mission, the protagonist gets supported by several characters whom you might have already met if you listened to "The Cassowary Manifesto"s prequel "Mr Loon and his spectacular Machine". If you love sonic narratives à la GRIOT, you will very likely enjoy this thrilling story.

"The Cassowary Manifesto" is opened by the introduction 'Prologue - Forest of Ages' and the title track. Following these extradiegetic texts, four chapters divided into eighteen songs tell the narrative of Mrs Trinket. Focusing on the musical sphere of this tale, we encounter numerous traces of Frank Zappa, YES, Pink Floyd, or The Flower Kings.
Tyler Kamen creates gorgeous and wholesome musical landscapes of Prog, Psychedelic Rock, Art Rock, and certain elements of Jazz and Symphonic Prog. The narrative of the lost cassowary and the artistic music push each other forward, and unite into a colourful and beautiful oeuvre. Both, music and text are deeply exciting and artistic, when regarded isolatedly - but as a unit, they are a multisensory work of arts. Albums such as this one, or the releases by GRIOT should become the next addition to your reading circle.

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