Single Review: Nathalie Miranda - Battle Scars (2021)

Picture Credit: Nathalie Miranda

 Nathalie Miranda - Battle Scars
Release Date: March 26, 2021
Length: 03:10
Genre: Soul Rock / Blues Rock
Origin: London, England

Nathalie Miranda from London is an artist you should keep in mind because the talented musician is a true chameleon in music. Earlier this year, she released the single 'Battle Scars' which has the potential to become a legit anthem for empowerment and regaining one's own strength. The impressive song is dedicated to everyone who has been through tough times and who has suffered from complicated or toxic relationships. The message of 'Battle Scars' is that you can come back to your own strength, and that the battle that lies behind you will make you stronger.

Nathalie Miranda's empowering message is carried via thrilling Soul and Blues Rock which perfectly fit the artist's powerful voice. The sonorous and exciting musical themes are extremely catchy, and they make your body and soul move in a way that makes you feel more confidence with every beat. The line 'You won't forget my name' especially is a true anthem itself. And after all, Nathalie Miranda's voice enchants the audience's voice. The London-based musician can easily keep up with legends such as Ana Popović, Beth Hart, or Elin Larsson.

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