Album Review: David Christy Jones - Welcome to Virology (2021)

Photograph: Laura Raye
Design: David Christy Jones

David Christy Jones - Welcome to Virology
Release Date: April 17, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 32:07
Genre: Prog Rock / Alternative Rock
Origin: Cork, Ireland

The debut album by Cork's David Christy Jones is as colourful and versatile as the new reality we are still trying to cope with. The amount of changes and shifts of paradigms are just uncountable: partially it appears that people finally begin listening to science. At the same time, the capitalists still seem to have better arguments than those who want to save lives. And finally, the influence of idiots, conspiracy theorists, and proto-fascists is on the rise, too. How to cope with this madness? Don't we have enough problems anyways? Losing our jobs, not being able to visit our grandparents, or basically trying not to die from COVID, we are facing those new issues. Also, I heard something is going on with the climate...
Well, David Christy Jones does not only present one way to cope with the new reality. His debut album is a satiric, serious, and nihilist approach on how to survive this madness.

"Welcome to Virology" can be located somehwere between Prog and Alternative Rock with strong influences from Funk and Blues. Intelligent rock music meets catchy melodies, sarcastic lyrics, and versatile soundscapes. Reminds you of something? David Christy Jones sings an swings above light-footed sophisticated tunes, while a spoken narrative informs us about the insane content, the songs are about. And that is exactly, where "Welcome to Virology" shows strong parallels to Franz Zappa's "You are what you is". This album is an honest and satirical take on the coronacene, an intelligent rock album that will please fans of Prog, Alternative, Blues, Funk, and of course, Zappa.

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