Album Review: Sounds Of New Soma - Trip (2021)

Picture Credit: Sounds Of New Soma

Sounds Of New Soma - Trip
Release Date: April 16, 2021
Label: Tonzonen / Soulfood
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 42:48
Genre: (Neo-) Krautrock / Berliner Schule
Origin: Krefeld, Germany

"Trip" - a four-letter word with ony syllable, and yet a term full of different meanings, interpretations, and nuances. The title of Sounds Of New Soma's newest work is a perfect fit. Dirk Raupach and Alex Djelassi present a deep, colourful and versatile instrumental track. On the CD and the digital version, "Trip" is contained as one single track. The vinyl record though has to be flipped around after the first 23 minutes.

From the first tone on, this album invites you to lean back comfortably, maybe grab a glass of orange juice, and keep some crisps or cookies nearby. This trip is a good and healthy one. The shimmering sounds dance through the sedative atmosphere like tiny flickering lights. Instead of harsh punches, this meditative journey moves forward in gentle steps. As, for example, the saxophone starts to engage to the soundscape and later leaves space for the mesmerizing chorals, you feel that your are about to go deeper.
"Trip" is an album to let yourself go to. Enjoy the psychedelic potential of this wholesome sonic experience and get rid of stress and tension. This is a journey to the core of your psyche. Raupach and Djelassi combine the hypnotizing powers of modern Krautrock and Berliner Schule-style Ambient to paint colourful images of sound, gently tearing their audience into a vortex of gorgeous reverie.


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