EP Review: 反覆墜落 Repeatedive - A Beautiful Place to Get Lost (2020)

Picture Credit: 反覆墜落 Repeatedive

反覆墜落 Repeatedive - A Beautiful Place to Get Lost
Release Date: October 20, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 17:51
Genre: Post Hardcore / Indie Rock
Origin: Taipeh, Taiwan

With “A Beautiful Place to Get Lost”, Taipeh’s 反覆墜落 Repeatedive have released their third EP in autumn 2020. The four-track extended player follows their 2017 debut “7th Floor” and the sophomore “I wish I understood” which was out in December 2018. The Taiwanese Hokkien band name 反覆墜落 is pronounced “Fǎnfù zhuìluò” and can be translated to “Fall repeatedly”. Nevertheless, the trio from Taiwan’s capital chose to call themselves 反覆墜落 Repeatedive. On “A Beautiful Place to Get Lost” we hear the sonic works of drummer Baron Jan, bass player Brian Chen, and Alan Yang who is playing the guitars and singing the vocals.

Three of the four tracks are sung in English. Only the third title ‘城市憂曲’ has Taiwanese lyrics Hokkien lyrics. This title can be translated to “Urban Sorrow” or “Sad Song of the City”, as it is called in the Spotify version of the EP. 反覆墜落 Repeatedive create versatile and colourful soundscapes that can predominantly be located somewhere in the realms of Post Hardcore, Indie Rock and Noise Rock. The rhythms are sophisticated and somehow jazzy, especially in the opening track ‘Big Blue’ Baron Jan provides us with a loungy beat on which his fellow musicians build some light-footed tunes that remind of Germany’s Krautjazz band Kamala. The atmospheric soundscapes created by bass and guitar are defined by crunchy, noisy, and intelligent riffing. 反覆墜落 Repeatedive merge colourful and dynamic Indie Rock tunes with the dark and melancholic atmosphere of Noise and Alternative Rock. Tempo, metre, and intensity change from one passage to the other and thus create a manifold of different moods, emotions, and motions. Not even are the four songs on “A Beautiful Place to Get Lost” very divergent from each other, each of the four tracks themselves are defined by a huge inner variety. And yet, the titles themselves as the EP as a whole are deeply coherent and cohesive.

反覆墜落 Repeatedive create a beautiful golden line that leads through their newest release. From the jazzy and loungy opening, the EP becomes more dynamic and more intense with every new part or track. Also, the theme of melancholia becomes stronger towards the middle of “A Beautiful Place to Get Lost” and reaches its climax in the gloomy song ‘城市憂曲’ until it then dissolves into the most powerful parts of the EP. Hence, the final track ‘Afterparty’ is a massive Post Hardcore banger.

反覆墜落 Repeatedive have hereby managed to use only 17 minutes to create a highly versatile and deeply exciting narrative. With “A Beautiful Place to Get Lost” the Taiwanese trio has produced a beautiful and honest tribute to life in metropolis.

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