Discoveries of the Week: 31 March - 06 April 2021

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Rae Radick - Sorry's not good enough
(Indie Pop - New York (New York), USA)
Inner conflicts are often a battel between one's own strength and one's laziness (or weakness). Rae Radick's powerful Indie Pop anthem is about one of those conflicts. And it conveys the empowerment for everyone in toxic relationships that their life will be better once they managed to walk away.

Freshly Cut Grass - Funk Enigma
(Funk / Jazz - Cardiff, Wales)
During lockdown, this ten-piece band named after one of the best smells on our planet started playing music together. Their debut album "Topiary" is an eclectic mix of Soul, Jazz, and Funk, and it light-footedly dances through decades of great music. As a flagship for this great album, the track "Funk Enigma" presents the band's potential.

FRNDS AS CMPNY - Who killed Paradise?
(Alterntive Rock / Indie Pop - London, England)
This atmospheric Indie Rock song is a good omen for the upcoming EP "White Flag" by FRNDS AS CMPNY. In a soulful mix of intelligent and dark rock music with the melodic and harmonic potential of R&B or Soul, FRNDS AS CMPNY creates a colourful soundscape. The message is a call for consciousness and respect for life on our home planet.

Hari Supiko - Are you crazy?
(Ska / Pop Punk - Japan)
This song was originally performed in Japanese, called "Anta BAKA? No Uta". Hari Supiko performs the English cover version of her own song here. The result is a boppy mix of bubble gum Ska and driving Punk Rock. With a chorus that has the potential to get stuck in your head and a bridge fit for the moshpits, Hari Supiko has created the perfect party anthem.

JV/ZUU - The Drip
(Hip Hop / Nu Funk - London, England)
Johnny Voltik and ZUU together are JV/ZUU. The sound they create brings us back to the golden age of Funk-influenced Rap music. The massively rolling brass sample is spreading warmth and energy like crazy. The eloquence of JV's lyrics are the perfect supplement to ZUU's powerful beat. Johnny raps and sings masterfully on this amazing track that is a hot recommendation for fans of Hieroglyphics or Redman.

Naomi in Blue - Colour of Blue
(Indie Folk / Alt Country - London, Engand)

Blackcat Manor - Evidence to burn
(Hardcore Punk / Skate Punk from Freeport (Illinois), USA)

Dark Filth Fraternity - Find a Way back home
(Progressive Folk from Finland)

Funeral Lakes - Earth Falls
(Indie Rock / Dream Pop - Kingston, Canada)

Stachel - Freuqenzanalyse
(Punk Rock - Utrecht, Netherlands)

Doghouse Rose - Not Ready
(Punk Rock / New Wave - Toronto, Canada)

Bioma - 14 de Março
(Hardcore - Brazil)

Rough Dreams - Termites Hollow
(Punk Rock - Knoxville (Tennessee), USA)

Sins of Magnus - False Flag
(Stoner Punk - Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), USA)

Shedonist - Bad Decisions
(Indie Rock / Garage Rock - Santa Monica (California), USA)

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