News: Nordi Blue - Eye of the Hurricane (2021)

Picture Credit: Nordi Blu

Nordi Blu - Eye of the Hurricane
Release Date: February 19, 2021
Length: 03:17
Genre: Soul / R'n'B
Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA

Break-ups have the potential to become enduring and dirty fights. For artists, they also contain the source for powerful works, and those outputs then can empower other people who are affected by the struggles of a break-up. One perfect example is the new song "Eye of the Hurricane" by LA's singer and songwriter Nordi Blu. The artist, who by the way was a quater finalist in The Voice of Germany, has produced an impressive anthem musicking the rollercoaster ride of emotions and feelings during this final phase of a relationship. Toxicity, self-care, and empowerment are presented in a powerful R'n'B and Soul hymn.

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