Album Review: SNIDE - Punk-Sutawny (2021)

Picture Credit: SNIDE

SNIDE - Punk-Sutawny
Release Date: March 01, 2021
Label: Dammit Records
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 46:47
Genre: Punk Rock
Origin: Maidstone, England

The album on hand is more of a compilation that an actual album. "Punk-Sutawny" is a collection of 16 songs which were written by Kentish Punk Rock band SNIDE between 2007 and 2019. All songs have been remastered and are now available on CD and for streaming via Dammit Records. So le's dive into the history of SNIDE.

SNIDE play energetic late-70s and 80s Punk Rock. Dynamic songs in two-four- and four-four-time, powerful lyrics, melodic backing chants, minimalist structure and riffs, and a sheer load of power. With catchy choruses and full-throttle verses, SNIDE do not need a whole lot of variety to enchant and move their audience. Their recipe with three riffs and maybe two variations maximum per song totally works out. "Punk-Sutawny" is highly entertaining and absolutely motivating - this is pure and great Punk Rock.
No unneccessary squiggles, no compromise, no bullshit - just Punk Rock!


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