Album Review: Max Eve - Vertigo (2012)

Picture Credit: Max Eve
Artwork: Stephen Delorme & Cuyler Goure

Max Eve - Vertigo
Release Date: September 11, 2012
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 33:40
Genre: Prog Metal
Origin: Atlanta (Georgia), USA

Max Eve’s debut “Vertigo” is an ideal flagship for the Prog Metal genre. On six instrumental tracks, the artist from Georgia presents powerful and sophisticated guitar-dominated music. Each of the songs is defined by an immense versatility and a highly exciting structure. Max Eve understands how to create opulent arcs of suspension and thereby write stunning narratives that do not need any words or vocals. The music on “Vertigo” is an intelligent combination of Classical themes, atmospheric Prog Rock and AOR, and the powerful but melodic force of Heavy Metal. Max Eve masterfully draws a golden line leading through this six-track album, and thus makes the 34-minute album become a coherent oeuvre despite its huge variety – a true masterpiece of eclectic rock and metal!

All guitar, bass, and keyboard tracks were recorded by Max Eve himself. Only for the rhythm section, got high quality support on board. The drums on this album were played by Evan Diprima (Moon Destroys / Royal Thunder), Patrick Egan (Coda Nova), and Morgan Rose (Sevendust). But the most outstanding feature on this stunning instrumental release is the guitar. Max Eve proves that he is a real master of the strings who does not have to hide from artists like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani.

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