Album Review: The John Michie Collective - High Vibrations (2021)

Picture Credit: The John Michie Collective

The John Michie Collective - High Vibrations
Release Date: February 12, 2021
Label: Shabby Road Records
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 48:33
Genre: Alternative Rock / Psychedelic Rock
Origin: Newcastle upon Tyne, England

"High Vibrations" is the debut album by Newcastle's one-person band The John Michie Collective. Sole member John Michie has prepared a fantastic journey through the human mind, truth, joy, life, and the beauty of it all. According to the artist, John Michie has lost his mind and recorded this album. Whether there is causality or dependency between those two happenings, one can only guess.

On "High Vibrations", The John Michie Collective is merging influences from several decades of soothing and yet moving rock music. The mesmerizing psychedelia of the 60s is a steady companion of this sonc journey. But 80s Hard Rock and folky Americana tunes have found their way into the soundscape as well, and after all, the melancholic atmosphere of 90s Alternative Rock is covibrating with the 14 tracks.

Picture Credit: The John Michie Collective

John Michie coins his debut album with his unique style of songwriting and guitar play. Avanat-garde structures dance between genius and insanity and thereby create a timeless Acid Rock soundscape. "High Vibrations" is a release that is defined by madness and liberty - a stunning and hypnotizing album. Put this CD in your car stereo and you are about to have an awesome ride.

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