Discoveries of the Week: 07 April - 13 April 2021

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The Trudy - Dear Sancho
(Indie Rock / Alternative Rock - London, England)
This dreamy Indie Rock song is inspired by the story of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. The sonic reverie draws a great bow from colourful psychedelia to a sinister dream world. The Trudy create a soundscape to get lost in.

Jay Korner - We're back again
(Retro Soul / Funk - Gothenburg, Sweden)
The Funk is back! Jay Korner celebrates the dynamic Soul and Funk sound on his debut single. Together with Alexander Asp, the Swedish artist has created an energetic and positive song concerning unity, solidarity, and a peaceful attitude.

Damiano Davide - Plague
(Ambient - Naples, Italy)
"Plague" is a deeply emotional and versatile song from Damiano Davide's debut album "Mirror". Like in a powerful vortex, the artist is diving towards the depths of human perception and beyond. Uncovering the sweetest, shiniest, but also the darkest and most brutal moods and feelings, Damiano Davide and Lino Cannavacciuolo create a powerful soundscape that does not vocals.

Kafka - Bootycall
(Indie Pop / Dream Pop - Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Stay to Sleep - Puppet
(Shoegaze / Alternative Rock - Almeria, Spain)

Moshimoshi - igotlostinmyhead
(Math Rock / Noise Rock - Helsinki, Finland)

Emilia Quinn - Girl Talk
(Alt Country / Indie Pop - Leeds, England)

Sienna - Barroom Brawls
(Alternative Rock - Cardiff, Wales)

Bullshit Boy - Bullshit Boy
(Punk Rock / Glam Punk - Hamburg, Germany)

The Lowcocks - Wolf Pussy
(Hardcore Punk'n'Roll - Detroit (Michigan), USA)

Lucky Malice - Resistance
(Punk Rock - Norway)

Godless - Infected by the Black
(Death Metal - Hyderabad, India)

Noskill - Montoia
(Hardcore Punk - João Pessoa, Brazil)

Perfect Pussy - Bells
(Hardcore Punk / Noise - Syracuse (New York), USA)

Gabriel Seixas - comforting chaos
(Math Rock / Post Rock - Portugal)

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