Album Review: Crust - Stoic (2021)

Picture Credit: Crust
Artwork: Abyssic Art

Crust - Stoic
Release Date: April 02, 2021
Label: [addicted label] (CD/Digital) / RUMF Productions (Spotify) / slowsnow records (Tape)
Format: CD / Cassette / Digital
Length: 46:52
Genre: Post Metal / Blackened Sludge
Origin: Russia

Have you ever stared into the abyss and asked yourself "What would Lucius Annaeus Seneca do?" or have ever felt like Epicurus might have been right after all? Well, I can relate. Modern society has a way of making stoicism very attractive again. Surrounded by darkness, false beliefs, and chaos, Russian band Crust has faced the ancient paradigm and is hence leading their audience through thick darkness towards the light of wisdom.

Contrarily to what the band name might make assume, Crust play a mix of Sludge, Doom, Black, and Post Metal. They create opulent apocalyptic soundscapes with the potential to raise an army of the undead. Heaving Doom and Post Metal rhythm march through the swampy depths of Sludge while Black Metal staccati blow like blizzards. Crust play the soundtrack of a landscape that is freezing, burning and drowning simultaneously. This is not your regular eschaton - this is full armageddon. And if this apocalyptic theme is meant to be the foundation of a planetary rebirth, then not a single soul will witness it.

Alongside, Thronehammer's "Incantation Rites", this might be one of the darkest, most brachial, and yet stunning apocalyptic narrative of (at least) 2021. Crust's "Stoic" is an impressive piece of art combining at least 666 shades of black. The band is dragging their audience into a deep abyss where time, space, and life have no meaning. What a powerful release! I am somewhat reminded of Germany's Totenmond.

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