Album Review: The Pighounds - Hilleboom (2021)

Picture Credit: The Pighounds

The Pighounds - Hilleboom
Release Date: April 16, 2021
Label: Noisolution
Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Length: 36:54
Genre: Alternative Rock / Grunge / Desert Rock
Origin: Dortmund, Germany

Peter and Sandro are one half of Dortmund's Stoner Rock band Fitches. Whether this quartet still exists or not shall not be answered in this review. Nevertheless, the two musicians formed The Pighounds three years ago. If you have questions about the band name, click here.
Ambitious, loaded with energy, and with itchy feet, Sandro and Peter started writing song after song, and played plenty of concerts alongside The Libertines, Daily Thompson, or AmyJo Doh & The Spangles. The year 2020 then, seemed to be the ideal chance to record the album "Hilleboom" which is now available via Noisolution.

"Hilleboom" is an eleven-track series of smashing hits. The Pighounds are fully loaded with energy which they turn into heavy music dynamically. The fuel, "Hilleboom" is running on, is a mélange of the best rock music from the 1990s - and I mean the complete 1990s! The nihilist force of Grunge clashes with the burning hot sonic storms of Desert Rock à la Brant Bjork or John Garcia and wildly dances on the dark atmosphere of pre-Millenium Alternative Rock. And after all, there is this punk rocky "Fuck Off" attitude adding the final spice to the sound.

Often, it makes sense to point out certain songs when recommending or reviewing an album. Here, that is different because each of the eleven tracks is pure gold. The Pighounds are dynamic, energetic, inventive, and still soulful. The Grunge-revival is in bloom, and The Pighounds' "Hilleboom" is another awesome release of this phase next to Riot Spears' "Bad", 24/7 Diva Heaven's "Stress", or Passionless Pointless' self-titled tape, to name a few.
Okay, one song gets a certain notion: there's a line in 'Superstar' that reminds me of Electric Six' 'Gay Bar'.

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