Single Review: Tinker - Your Loss (2020)

Picture Credit: Tinker

Tinker - Your Loss
Release Date: October 23, 2020
Length: 03:47
Genre: Soul / Alternative Pop
Origin: Houston (Texas), USA

In 1962, Barbary Lynn sang 'You'll lose a good thing'. Almost sixty years later, her grand-daughter Tinker implemented the song's chorus to the intro of 'Your Loss' and successfully proves that she has inherited her gandmother's musical talent.
'Your Loss' is a powerful and deep Soul song about missed opportunities in life, about toxicity, and about empowerment. It is an emotional and self-confident message for people stuck in toxic relationships, and a message for those who take advantage of their generosity. Hence, the chorus emphasizes "If you should lose me, you'll lose a goood thing". Soft-voiced and yet powerful, Tinker spreads empowerment, confidence, and the importance of self-respect.

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