News: Riot Spears - Mermaid Bitch (2021)

Picture Credit: Riot Spears

Riot Spears - Mermaid Bitch
Release Date: April 16, 2021
Length: 05:20
Genre: Grunge / Punk Rock
Origin: Berlin, Germany

Berlin's Grunge Punk trio Riot Spears has recently released their debut album "Bad" (March 26, 2021, Ladies&Ladys). Now, the album's longest track (apart from the hidden track) has received its own music video which can be described as a fantastic subaquaeous reverie.

If you have an affinity to photosensitive epilepsy, you might prefer the Bandcamp play button below the video!

"Mermaid Bitch" is a sonic journey to the bottom of the ocean, exploring the realms of Arielle from a perspective that the films did not show. Riot Spears present their underwater trip via some heavy mid-tempo Grunge Punk with a certain tendency towards Stoner Rock - a song as dynamic and as heavy as the ocean.

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Riot Spears Online:


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