News: Jace Metz - Above Water (2021)

Picture Credit: Jace Metz

Jace Matz - Above Water
Release Date: March 04, 2021
Length: 03:00
Genre: Grungegaze / Rap
Origin: Long Beach, California / Houston, Texas, USA

With his song “Above Water”, Jace Metz has written an empowering anthem for everyone who is going through tough and challenging times. Of course, this tune fits the contemporary situation perfectly, as the global pandemic and its social or economic consequences for many people cause daily struggle. Hence, Jace Metz carries an important message to everyone who is faced with the desperation caused due to lockdowns, loss of employment, or lack of regular social interaction. From a first-person point of view, the musician describes the ongoing struggle, and the memo to himself to keep his head “Above Water”. It is a narrative that many people can relate with in these times, and even without reference to COVID, it is a powerfully empowering song.

Jace Metz envelops his urge to not give up in a great soundscape made from Grunge, Shoegaze, and contemporary Rap music. The slow Grunge riffs gently grind on a deeply dreamy atmosphere while synthetic effects and powerful beats create a powerful energy on this mid-tempo hymn. The vocals are partly sung, partly rapped, and thus fit perfectly fit the zeitgeist of nowadays’ popular music. Jace Metz hence combines melancholic music from the 1990s with the style of the 2020s and thereby creates an impressive cross-decades sound.

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