Album Review: Mad Mulligans - Who are the Mad Mulligans? (2020)

Mad Mulligans - Who are the Mad Mulligans?
Release Date: December 30, 2020 (US) / March 22, 2021 (UK)
Label: Rotten Bastard Records (US) / Dammit Records (UK)
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 16:55
Genre: Oi! / Punk Rock
Origin: Brooklyn (New York), USA

Who are the Mad Mulligans? The Mad Mulligans are Rich O'Brien, Wynn Skism, Albee Damned, and Johnny Kray, four veterans of the NYC Oi! and Punk scene. Case closed.

Fortunately, there is more to talk about because "Who are the Mad Mulligans?" is not only a question but also the debut album by (you might've guessed already) the Mad Mulligans. So why don't you have a beer, press play, and then commence to read.

In my understanding, there are two major spheres of Oi! and Street Punk. On the one hand, there is that dumb, blunt music for drunken thugs and arseholes (like the German band Krawallbrüder - trust me, you don't wanna listen). And then there honest good music à la Cockney Rejects, The Business, Sham 69 etc. Mad Mulligans belong to the latter.
The band calls their style Traditional Punk/Oi!, which makes sense. At the same time, it feels odd to use the term 'traditional' here. Hence, I prefer to talk about honest Oi! here. Mad Mulligans provide us with seven hot tracks in which they combine Oi! or Street Punk with Mod, Blues, Soul, and Ska. Basically, that's what Oi! should sound like, doesn't it? Music for the open-minded, music (not only) forthe working class, and music for the thirsty. And yes, this album makes me thirsty!

Mad Mulligans play fast, straight, and honest music to raise your cups to. Imagine this band sharing a stage with Danish Mod Punkers The Movement, and you will remember how much you miss concerts. "Who are the Mad Mulligans?" is the kind of album the repeat button was invented for. And it closes with a beautiful tribute to the folk song 'Three Little Fishes'.

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