Artist Introduction: Lazarus Benson

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Lazarus Benson is an indie musician and a magician from Casper, Wyoming. In his music, the young artist combines a multitude of styles to convey an uplifting and positive message. Rough and massive Alternative Rock with a certain tendency towards Modern Metal meets Indie Rock and Hip Hop. But it would be way too easy to list Lazarus Benson under the category of Crossover or Rapcore because his music is much more than that. The artist from Wyoming lets darkness and violence merge with uplifting contents and thereby creates the soundtrack of a rebirth and the beginning of a better future. Like a phoenix arising from the ashes, Lazarus Benson spreads the words of those who had to encounter rock bottom before they learned to stand on their own feet.

Lazarus Benson knows what he is talking about when he raps about standing up, rebuilding oneself, and coming back to power against all odds. The artist has experienced what it is like hitting rock bottom and having to sort the own life and perspective from scratch again. Having done that, having been there, Lazarus Benson is now becoming a voice and a role model for those who struggle with their lives and who are afraid about losing hope. He creates a motivating, salutogenetic, and uplifting atmosphere for his audience, telling them that they are not alone. And by that, Lazarus Benson encourages and empowers people having a rough time to not give up, to stay focused, and to look out for each other. Being the phoenix that has arisen from the ashes and that has learned to fly again, Lazarus Benson spreads his mighty wings to spread his message of positivity. His music has the potential to help those who struggle to unite, to reform, and to believe in themselves.

Being influenced by Linkin Park, Bad Omens, and From Ashes to New, Lazarus Benson pays tribute to his idols and creates his very own and unique style likewise. His music contains incisive elements of late 90s and millennium-era sounds such as Alternative Rock, Modern Metal, and Nu Metal. But instead drowning in deep and melancholic sonic swamps, the influence of Indie Rock and (Post-) Hardcore convey the image of bursting one’s bonds and resisting the darkness. Lazarus Benson’s powerful and yet emotional rap lyrics add to that uplifting atmosphere, and create a wholesome, positive, and absolutely unique style of Rapcore. His music is free from categories such as old school, new school, no school, cloud, etc. Instead, Lazarus Benson takes the best of different styles and like in a melting pot refines them to the soulful, thoughtful, and brutally honest sound that defines Lazarus Benson and his works.

This is timeless rap music for the emotional, for the struggling, and for those who fight for a better life for everyone.

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