EP Review: Dick Dabs & The Shatters (Me & Tony) - Dick Dabs & The Shatters (Me & Tony) (2020)

Dick Dabs & The Shatters (Me & Tony) - Dick Dabs & The Shatters (Me & Tony)
Release Date: December 19, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 27:16
Genre: Heavy Metal / Noise

For this EP, multi-instrumentalist Jud A. Moller has teamed up with guitar player Tony Soliz. Together they are Dick Dabs & The Shatters (Me & Tony), which is also the name of their collaborative release. On six tracks, Moller and Soliz present something that can mostly be called a beautiful mix of insanity, noise, and nihilism. The duo uses the term “Freestyle Heavy Metal” which refers to the way, the EP was recorded. Tony Soliz and Jud A. Moller play brachial and distorted which has some influences from Heavy and Thrash Metal, and apparently, majority of the music has been created spontaneously in jam sessions. On top of that gorgeous cacophony of sound, Jud A. Moller adds his freestyle lyrics which break any existing borders between Darkwave, Rap, Spoken Word, and several Metal genres. The multi-instrumentalist’s skill for spontaneous creation of lyrics and are amazing, and hence each of the six tracks follows a certain theme, such as ‘Hotter than Hell’ or ‘Stan’s gay’ to name two examples.

What the EP “Dick Dabs & The Shatters (Me & Tony) shows, is that despite the two musicians’ immense talent, they do not take themselves too seriously. Instead, Soliz and Moller obviously had a lot of fun recording this EP. And even though, it may not always be easy to grasp, it spreads a lot of joy onto the listeners, too.


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