News: Hannah Rose Kessler - Your Female Rage (2021)

Picture Credit: Hannah Rose Kessler
Artwork: Bethan Thorsby

Hannah Rose Kessler - Your Female Rage
Release Date: April 08, 2021
Length: 03:36
Genre: Indie Folk
Origin: CumbriaEngland

Hannah Rose Kessler's "Your Female Rage" is a collection of phrases that FLINTA* have to hear on daily basis. The content mocked and pilloried goes from cat-calling over sexually aggressive language and objectification to apologetics of rape culture and beyond. The last chorus has potential to become an anthem for all FLINTA* who will not take it any more - but listen for yourselves!
This presentation of verbally uttered sexist bullshit is enveloped in harmonic and catchy Indie Folk. Hannah Rose Kessler has not only written a stringly empowering anti-sexist song - it is a beautifully melodic and awesome work of music as well. "Your Female Rage" is featured on Kessler's recent EP "My Theories on the Apocalypse" which has been released digitally and as a CD via Reckless Yes on March 19, 2021.

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