EP Review: Lewca - 3 Kids and a Mortgage (2020)

Picture Credit: Lewca

Lewca - 3 Kids and a Mortgage
Release Date: December 04, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 16:25
Genre: Indie Rock / Rap

Origin: Paris, France

Somewhere in Paris, probably in a room that keeps at least two souvenirs from Brixton, close to a can of beer and a glass of rum, most certainly in view of The Clash's "Combat Rock", Lewca has written the lyrics for his first EP "3 Kids and a Mortgage" - at least, it would make sense.
Lewca is an Indie and Hip Hop artist from the French capital who is merging different styles of rock and rap music. One of the central features of "3 Kids and a Mortgage" though, is a strong influence by the sounds of the 1980s - 80s rock, 80s rap, 80s synthwave, 80s galore!

"3 Kids and a Mortgage" is a hilarious album for rap and rock fans who do not take themselves too seriously. The musical style goes from (mocked) Gangster Rap over New Wave to boppy Indie Rock. Lewca is self-ironically dealing with topics such as unhealthy (but yummy) food, the sweet temptations of having another drink, his own biography, or relationships.
Lewca's debut is a colurful banger, and an EP that will enlighten your next holiday. Or at least your next coffee/cigarette/orange juice.

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