News: Ali Bla Bla - Island (2021)

Picture Credit: Ali Bla Bla

Ali Bla Bla - Island
Release Date: February 19, 2021
Length: 03:35
Genre: Rapcore / Hip Hop
Origin: London, England

Ali Bla Bla's new song is an exorable and unvarnished take on the situation of people who are read with a migrant background in England (and Europe in general). Ali Bla Bla tells from his own experience, being an English-born person who has never been fully accepted as a part of the British society. It is an example that applies to all people with foreign roots on this white continent - including the British Isles. Growing up like this is a life defined by marginalization, ostracism, and isolation from the very beginning on. We are living in the year 2021, and yet, insularism, racism, xenophobia still have to be discussed.

"Island" is a sobering and yet empowering song. For those who have suffered from this kind of injustice, it says, you are not alone. For people like me it is a call to check our damn privileges and solidarily fight injustice until this world is a liveable place for all of - no matter what language, gender, belief, or colour of skin.
Ali Bla Bla envelops his message in fast and eloquent rap verses. His aggressive and partially very sarcastic voice fits the theme perfectly and beautifully goes with the rough punk rock samples of the beat.

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