EP Review: Jack of None - The Purpose of the Moon (2020)

Picture Credit: Jack of None
Artwork: Maxine Syjuco

Jack of None - The Purpose of the Moon
Release Date: November 13, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 27:47
Genre: Math Rock / Spoken Word
Origin: Chicago (Illinois), USA / Manila, Philippines

Philippine-American band Jack of None is sort of a family project. The three band members are the siblings Maxine Syjuco (lyrics, poetry, vocals), A.G. Syjuco (guitar, bass, synthesizers, programming), and Julian Syjuco (lead guitar). Since their last EP “The Tattle Tale Heart” (2017) was rewarded “Best EP – Eclectic” by the Independent Music Awards, Jack of None has not released any new music until 2020’s lockdown gave them a good reason to write and record seven very personal tracks. This process took place online for the major part because A.G. is situated in Chicago, Illinois, while Maxine and Julian’s domicile is at Philippine capital Manila.

“The Purpose of the Moon” is an extraordinarily artistic release. The avant-gardist soundscapes are based on a dynamic and atmospheric Post Rock foundation. As tempo and metre change energetically, an intelligent Math Rock impact defines the majority of the sonic output. Those eclectic spheres are decorated by massive riffing, industrial synthesizer sounds, and an impressive variety of interchanging musical moods and motifs. Jack of None present a sonic journey that reminds of both, a stroboscope, and psychedelic pictures at the same time. On top of this sophisticated sonic construct, vocalist Maxine whispers, narrates, and sings her vocals. This stunning way of storytelling is highly exciting and marks the climax of this powerful and opulent oeuvre. “The Purpose of the Moon” is an artistic, catchy, and moving output.

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