Single Review: Blind Season - The Torch and the Libraray (2021) - Guest Feature by Nikolay Chuvikov (Moscow Meltdown)

Picture Credit: Blind Season

Blind Season - The Torch and the Library
Release Date: March 03, 2021
Length: 03:31
Genre: Alternative Rock

This review was written by the gifted Nikolay Chuvikov. Follow Moscow Meltdown on Yandex or VK to read more from him.

I am always sincerely pleased to observe the genesis of new rock bands, as well as their progressive development - how they improve their sound and polish their composing abilities, and how they try to break through from actual obscurity to a degree of at least some decent popularity. Blind Season are just one of those youngsters whose work is currently in a constant state of search and whose ambitions literally overwhelm the audience's expectations. This American group emerged in the musical horizon in 2012 and is slowly gaining momentum, gathering loyal fans around, replenishing their song baggage and appearing in one or another magazine or online blog (journalists from Electro Wow, Musichitbox have already written about them, Record Niche and many others). In 2021, Blind Season released a new single, which may well become their ticket to the world fame - "The Torch And The Library". 

However, first, let's talk a little about the band itself: as I wrote above, it was founded in 2012, but its ideologist and generator of most of the ideas is guitar player Shane Segro. It is clear that initially the project had a completely different name, and the lineup hasn’t been stable - but what else can you expect from a teenage band. However, sooner or later, stability came to the collective, and a kind of compositional backbone was formed in Blind Season, consisting of the already mentioned Shane, as well as drummer Adam Ross and bassist Mike Paraski. An interesting addition to the group's lineup was the "American Idol" show participant (entered the top 50, which may seem to some of you not such a great achievement, but it is worth considering that in the USA this show annually takes literally thousands of participants) Leah Guerrero who has been soon replaced by current lead vocalist Jeffery Mullins, whose drawn-out, energetic and extremely emotional vocals gave the sound of Blind Season the flavor the band needed so much that time. 

By the time this review was written, the band had already released one EP, "This Won't Be Easy", as well as a heap of individual singles - all of which can be found in the iTunes (a full-length album should arrive soon). However, we are most interested in their new song, "The Torch And The Library", whose release took place quite recently. 

Speaking of the style of Blind Season's performance, their music can be described as a very organic and effective mix between post-hardcore and alternative rock. And I immediately want to say that this is exactly the post-hardcore part that attracts me personally - not teenage, puny and hysterical, but emotional, sensual and sincere. These songs do not come from the youth existential crisis ("YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME !!!" - slams the door ...), but from honest and overt human experiences. That is why the melody turns out to be so attractive, and the general thrilling and slightly panicky mood does not seem pompous and imitated. 

"The Torch And The Library" sounds very impressive for modern post-hardcore: on the one hand, Blind Season are no innovators and do not bring anything fundamentally new to the genre, but they sound original and recognizable. I would say that in this regard, they can say a huge thank you to their vocalist, whose exciting and voluminous vocals capture the listener from the very first seconds. Jeffery has perfect control of his voice, and his part in the chorus literally knocks the listener off his feet. And I'm not even saying that the title melody of the song is catchy to the extent that you want to listen to the track again and again. The overall picture is complemented by very meaningful lyrics, which are definitely not written out of nothing, but has its origins in the life experiences of its author. And this is always felt when the lyrics of the song are far-fetched and deceitful - here the situation is just the opposite. 

However, do not think that the style of "The Torch And The Library" is limited to post-hardcore. It's pretty obvious that when writing the song, the musicians also looked back at other alternative genres - for example, grunge and nu metal. Such stylistic borrowings make Blind Season's music much more mature and diverse, and the number of its potential listeners is obviously increasing. No wonder that "The Torch And The Library" already has more than twenty thousand streams on Spotify - believe me, this is a very good result for a young band. 

So don't judge a book by its genre: give Blind Season a shot and they might very well give you a tangible addition to your daily playlist. 

Written by Nikolay Chuvikov

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