Single Review: Detention - 56 Minutes (2020)

Picture Credit: Detention

Detention - 56 Minutes
Release Date: September 07, 2020
Length: 02:29
Genre: Skate Punk
Origin: Akron, Ohio, USA

Have you heard about the rumours that punk was dead? It's a lie!
Here are Luke Konopka (drums), Fritz Dannemiller (bass), Evans Cox (guitar), and Elliott Carter (vocals) from Akron, Ohio. The winners of the 24th Annual Tri-C High School Rock Off play powerful and melodic Punk Rock for the skate parks, for the beach, and for people of all ages.

Driven by a powerful off-beat riffs, the Ohian quartet deals with typical issues of adolescent life these days. The uncertainty of what is about to happen in the future, and not being taken seriously by self-righteous adults are enveloped in a boppy, dynamic, and humourist sonic package. The melodic Skate Punk by Detention comes with a small portion of Grunge and will easily please fans of The Distillers or Death by Horse.
Detention prove that Punk Rock is alive. So, can Greenday please finally retire?

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