EP Review: Jo Below - No Control (2021)

Picture Credit: Jo Below

Jo Below - No Control
Release Date: April 16, 2021
Label: Inverse Records
Format: Digital
Length: 18:17
Genre: Alternative Rock / Alternative Metal
Origin: Helsinki, Finland

Eight moths after the release of their debut EP "By the Rules", Helsinki's Jo Below are back with the sophomore "No Control". The quartet consisting of Olli Vartiainen (drums), Jonne Lindqvist (bass), Ronni Seppänen (guitar), and Johanna Kari (vocals) has produced five new tracks of  melodic, yet intense music.

Located around the realms of Alternative Rock and Alternative Metal, Jo Below build up tension with their music. Hence, an electric atmosphere is being created that is heading towards its discharge. The Finnish band knows how to play with expectations of the human hearing and introduces some exciting detours to their sonic thunderstorm. After all, Jo Below is a very exciting release for everyone who loves both massive Rock and Metal, but also appreciates the use of soulful melodies.

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