Album Review: - Mango Coconut Habañero (2021)

Picture Credit: - Mango Coconut Habañero
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 29:32
Genre: Experimental / Avantgarde / Freakshow

When the admirable weirdos from recorded their newest album, they needed something to commemorate it. The medium of their choice was a hot sauce containing mango, coconut and habañero chillies. A very good idea if you ask me. Not only because I am always happy when people appreciate the mango, but also because this is a very good mix. Also, it's lactose-free, vegan, and it's super hot.

With this half-hour-long release, draw on their previous album "lickin the airplane toilet bc I'm gross like that". And even if it seems hard to imagine, the collective got even weirder, more colourful, and more various on their new album.
Listening to "Mango Coconut Habañero" resembles eating spicy food. There are smooth loungy jazz passages that remind of the assumption that your body can easily take the capsaicin and that you might have a steel pharynx. Then there are noise parts that musick the realization that you were wrong. And finally, there is that Free Jazz, Freakshow part in which you have to realize that spicy food has a psychedelic effect to it.

Jolly joy, cold sweat, burning nostrils, the urge to kill yourself, and the consideration whether to take another bite or not don't go linear - they never do. Instead, this rollercoaster of perceptions and feelings appears like it was built by Dutch artist M. C. Escher. have created another beautiful Freakshow of Noise, Ambient, Free Jazz, and insanity. My recommendation: make yourselves a curry or a rice dish with some "Mango Coconut Habañero" sauce, click their website (link below), and enjoy the show. Online:


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