EP Review: Altas of Elysian - Through the Threads of Reality (2021)

Picture Credit: Atlas of Elysian

Atlas of Elysian - Through the Threads of Reality
Release Date: April 21, 2021
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 21:19
Genre: Nu Core
Origin: Cardiff, Wales

“Through the Threads of Reality” is the sophomore release by Welsh quartet Atlas of Elysian. The seven-track EP is a powerful demonstration of brachial, modern, and yet emotional music. The style the band calls Nu Core can be described as a mix of Metalcore, Post Hardcore, Rapcore, and Industrial. Pitch-black post-industrial soundscapes create an atmosphere of dystopian darkness on which harsh and brachial breaks go down like hammers to an anvil. The songs are defined by exciting and energetic structures which increase tension over time. This energy sometimes discharges in a brutal thunderstorm of Metalcore, but other times it stays – like the forceful track ‘Fire’ which leads into the spoken word section of the title song. Here, it becomes obvious that Atlas of Elysian have not just put seven tracks on an EP but have created a coherent sonic narrative.

“Through the Threads of Reality” is a sober take on the current situation of humankind and the planet it inhabits. Without euphemism, Atlas of Elysian concern the tensions and issues of the globalized modern world. Their apocalyptic and dystopian music is a perfect fit for a narrative that spans between hope and desperation. “Through the Threads of Reality” is a powerfully honest EP.

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