Album Review: M9 Awakening - Brave (2020)

Picture Credit: M9 Awakening

M9 Awakening - Brave
Release Date: December 25, 2020
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Length: 54:27
Genre: Rap / Trip Hop
Origin: London, England

It is no secret that London's southern districts are a hotbed for great rap music. The album "Brave" by M9 Awakening is yet another amazing example. M9 Awakening are MCs MOTH3R and 9TalesTheArtist from Brixton. On their self-released debut album they are supported by Jaqxx, Opulent Soul, and Miss Perspective on the microphones. They perform on trippy and trappy beats produced by Gomitre Gopal, and Jaqxx.

Music, lyrics, and atmosphere display the vibrant and multicultural reality of South London. Asian and Arab tunes merge with trap beats and create stunningly pschedelic soundscapes. MOTH3R and 9TalesTheArtist skilfully perform on these beats in English and partially in Spanish. Their rap style reaches from powerfully compressed vocals to melodic chants. Thus, M9 Awakening musick a wide spectre of emotions and moods, containing love, passion, hope, and aggression.

M9 Awakening's "Brave" stand for a new era of Hip Hop and Conscious Rap. With musical influences, located both, in 80s rap music and the artists' multicultural environment, they present a forceful and yet thoughtful style. Located between fantasy fiction and reality, M9 Awakening create an impressive narrative that suits the subway, the dancefloors, and open air stages likewise. This is next geneation Rap music - sophisticated, honest, and moving.

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