Album Review: Gozer Goodspeed - Ghosts of the Future & Past (2021)

Picture Credit: Gozer Goodspeed
Artwork: Mike Five / Gozer Goodspeed / Susan Ormand

 Gozer Goodspeed - Ghosts of the Future & Past
Release Date: July 30, 2021
Label: Lights and Lines
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 69:22
Genre: Folk Rock / Blues Rock
Origin: Plymouth, England

The album on hand is the first physical release published via Brighton's independent label Lights and Lines. The 17-track CD is a collection of songs written and performed by Plymouth-based singer and songwriter Gozer Goodspeed. Besides tracks that have appeared on his five albums released so far, "Ghosts of the Future & Past" contains five yet unreleased titbits. There is the song 'Charlatans and Hypnotists' that was written before Gozer Goodspeed called himself Gozer Goodspeed, there is a live bootleg of the unreleased track 'Killjoy Bulletin', an acoustic demo version of 'Now's not the Time to lay down' and a new remix of 'Gambler's Last Day' - the track that contains the eponymous lyrics for the album title.

"Ghosts of the Future & Past" is more than just a back catalogue of Gozer Goodspeed's works. The collection is a stunning Folk and Blues release presenting Goodspeed's thrilling voice, harmonic sounds, and skillfull songwriting. The album is defined by exciting sonic story-telling, be it fantastic narratives like 'When the blue Man met the Headshrinker' or stories we can all releate with like 'The Key broke off clean in the Lock'.
"Ghosts of the Future & Past" is a guarantee for good entertainment wherever you play it. The collection is a hot recommendation for fans of Norway's Torgeir Waldemar, Irish duo Blackbird & Crow, Woodie Guthrie, and Nuremberg's collective Folk's Worst Nightmare.
Embrace the Blues, enjoy the Folk, and be driven away by Gozer Goodspeeds sonic story-telling.

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