EP Review: Medusa - S.O.B. Story (2021)

Picture Credit: Medusa

 Medusa - S.O.B. Story
Release Date: June 25, 2021
Label: AWAL
Format: Digital
Length: 09:57
Genre: Revenge Pop
Origin: Buffalo, New York, USA

I don't often quote the press kit, but this time I think that I can't help.

"When you're queer, everybody wants your sob story. With "S.O.B. Story", non-binary Alt-Pop and Hip-Hop artist Medusa asks: What if we're not sad?"

"S.O.B. Story" is a three-track EP by Buffalo's artist Medusa (they/them), featuring guest appearances by way2wavybaby (she/her), and Overflow (they/them). It is a powerful release doing away with the prejudice that queer identity is directly connected to suffering. Instead, "S.O.B. Story" is a self-confident release conveying a message for cis- and straight allies: don't express pity, and show support instead.

"S.O.B. Story" is a loud release. Medusa and their guests Overflow and way2wavybaby do use their inside voices when singing, shouting, and rapping on the three trippy Trap beats. The EP is defined by a very modern style of Rap and Hip Hop music, beats colourful as a pride flag, and intense enough to wreck every dancefloor. Each of the three tracks bounces like a wrecking ball, representing both, an empowering message to all LGBTQIA+ and their allies, and a battle cry against those who still oppose human rights for everyone outside their tunnel vision.

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