Album Review: Dusky Dive - Flanger Studio Session (2021)

Picture Credit: Dusky Dive
Artwork: Sergey Plishka

 Dusky Dive - Flanger Studio Session
Release Date: February 25, 2021
Label: [addicted label]
Format: Digital
Length: 36:00
Genre: Desert Rock / Jazz Rock
Origin: Moscow, Russia

The album on hand is the result of an improvised live session by Grigori Perelman (drums), Alexey Stanchinskiy (bass, vocals), Ivan Izmalkin (baritone sax), and Sergey Plishka (guitar) at Flanger Studio. Moscow-based quartet Dusky Dive has called their musical style Stoned Jazz. Whether sedative or psychedelic substances have had an influence on the sounds of these six tracks, one can only assume. In the end, it is not neccessary, anyways.

On 36 minutes, Dusky Dive present a psychedelic and heavy sound that mostly fits the description of Desert Rock. Bonedry, dusty riffs move like a steady and remorseless sandstorm. Predominantly through the saxophone but also by the eclectic rhythms, a strong Jazz influence defines the soundscapes on "Flanger Studio Session". And finally, the movements of the album, rwching from calm melancholy to noisy insanity make this album very exciting. "Flanger Studio Session" is a release that will please fans of Slo Burn-like Desert Rock, MOOP-style Jazz, and Detieti's "Frogressive Punk".

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