News: Natalie Clark - Ready to Roll (2021)

Picture Credit: Natalie Clark

  Natalie Clark - Ready to Roll
Release Date: June 25, 2021
Length: 02:29
Genre: Indie Rock / Soul Rock
Origin: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Natalie Clark's latest single "Ready to Roll" is a driving anthem for getting up, standing up, going out there, having a good time, sprading positivity, and working for a better future - for yourselves, for your environment, for all. LA-based, Scottish artist Natalie Clark has hereby produced a song for your alarm clock, for your car stereo, for your headphones when riding on public transport, or generally, for starting off a new day.

A bit funky, and driven by catchy Soul and dynamic Indie Rock, Natalie Clark's new single is a motivating Alternative Pop banger. The artist's powerful Soul vocals surf across a sunny and dynamic soundscape full of joy, motivation, and positivity.
Similar to LA's Kill My Coquette, Natalie Clark somehow represents a revival of the amazing Indie sound once flagshipped by Gwen Stefani's No Doubt. Nevertheless, the Scottish-Californian musician's approach is less Punk Rock and more Soul instead.

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