Album Review: Truth & Tragedy - Innocence Abandoned (2021)

Picture Credit: Truth & Tragedy

 Truth & Tragedy - Innocence Abandoned
Release Date: June 01, 2021
Label: Artillery / KingSide Records
Format: CD / Digital
Length: 32:54
Genre: Post Hardcore / Alternative Metal
Origin: Bamberg, Germany

In September 2020, German jazz musician Freddy Stauss and former US soldier Aaron Bazen had to face the fact that their band Veiled Ocean could barely rehearse due to the restrictions. Thus, the 40% of the Bamberg-based band began to write new songs as a duo. What began as a little side project, quickly developed a powerful momentum and hence, Stauss and Bazen released their first three-track EP "Thanks for Nothing" in November 2020. Only one month later, the single "Helmand" followed the debut. In this song, vocalist Aaron Bazen concerns what he has experienced as a soldier in the Helmand province, Afghanistan. The song is featured on the debut album on hand, and by the way it was also featured in the Discoveries of the Week.

"Innocence Abandoned" is an album as honest, as serious, as fragile as life itself. The two musicians from the (gorgeous!) town in Upper Franconia do not mince their words when addressing unconvenient topics. Truth & Tragedy concern trauma, PTSD, violence, abuse of alcohol and other drugs, or alienation. Vocalist and lyricist Bazen often refers to his own experience when openly presenting humankind its dark reflection.
The musical style on "Innocence Abandoned" reaches from atmospheric Post Hardcore over melodic Hard- and Metalcore over to sensual Emocore and gloomy Alternative Metal. It is an authentic sound that Truth & Tragedy use to spread their word. A certain Jazz influence can be spotted in the arrangements by Freddy Stauss although it is a rather hidden element of the heavy and emotional soundscapes. Nevertheless, it gives the album a certain air that will please fans of The Hirsch Effekt, Finte, or Orange Utan.

Picture Credit: Truth & Tragedy

"Innocence Abandoned" is a truthful and authentic release. It is an album that shows two things, mainly. Our world is dark, and we should really take action, illuminating it. And, it is a sign of strength to be honest about your feelings and weaknesses.
Whether Bazen and Stauss will focus on their band Veiled Ocean or also keep on working as a duo, we will see. In any case, both bands are worth listening and supporting.

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