Mango Monday Mixtape #001

Remember the Discoveries of the Week? I had to pause this series when my computer was broken in late April, 2021.
Today, I'm introducing a new series that sort-of follows the tradition of the Discoveries.
Here's the Mango Monday Mixtape!

Every Monday, I will present a collection of 12 tracks that I find worth listening to. If the songs are available on Spotify, they will also be added to the MangoRotation playlist for 14 days. Yet, there will be no extra playlist. A little astericks * behind the song title will tell you that it has been added to MangoRotation.

Mango Monday Mixtape #001

Rob Halligan - We all write the Stories
Folk Rock - Coventry, England

Noqturnalist - 2cc *
Dark Wave / Post Punk - London, England

Head Ballet - Polyethene
Synth Rock - Manchester, England

SIAL - Lalai
Hardcore Punk / Noise - Singapore

Yacht Communism - Discovery *
Post Punk / Noise - Berlin, Germany

Kohti Tuhoa - Meille on valehdeltu *
Hardcore Punk / D-Beat - Helsinki, Finland

Weekend Lovers - Baby *
Dream Pop / Psychedelic Rock - Tucson, AZ, USA

Farmaco - Fallas
Anarcho Punk - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contorture - Integration *
Crust Punk - Sweden

Lazerhawk - Dream within a Dream *
Synthwave / Dream Pop - Austin, TX, USA

Penadas Por La Ley - Ciegas y Ciegos *
Punk Rock - Bilbao, Spain

Parker Woodland - The World's on Fire (and wie still fall in Love) *
Indie Rock / Alt Country - Austin, TX, USA


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