Mango Monday Mixtape #002

 Every Monday, I will present a collection of 12 tracks that I find worth listening to. If the songs are available on Spotify, they will also be added to the MangoRotation playlist for 14 days. Yet, there will be no extra playlist.

Signs and symbols:
MR = song has been added to the MangoRotation Playlist on Spotify

MS = song was discovered on MusoSoup

Leonardo Barilaro - I just had Sax (MR/MS)
Experimental / Jazz - St. Paul's Bay, Malta

Lost Chimes - Voices (MR/MS)
Indie Folk - London, England

Molosser - Water my Way (live) (MR/MS)
Folk Rock - Uråsa, Sweden

Spawndie - Make up your Mind (MR/MS)
Hardcore - Florida, USA

Witch Fever - Reincarnate (MR/MS)
Grunge / Hardcore Punk - Manchester, England

Alice Grey - Man in the Sky (MR/MS)
Folk Rock - London, England

Supertentacles - Older (MR)
Indie Rock / Dream Pop - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Blood Lemon - One More Time (MR)
Shoegaze / Indie Rock - Boise, Idaho, USA

S.O.S. - Burn, Baby, Burn (MR)
Punk Rock - Hamburg, Germany

The Homisides - Mean Go-Getter (MR)
Punk Rock - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Enfants Sauvages - Crève (MR)
Garage Punk - Quebec, Canada

The Eleanors - Robot Song
Garage Punk - Des Moines, Iowa, USA


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