Album Review: Altamadum - Born in the Afterglow (2021)

Picture Credit: Altamadum
Artwork: Bianca Artistry

Altamadum - Born in the Afterglow
Release Date: January 20, 2021
Label: From the Depths Entertainment
Format: Digital
Length: 40:59
Genre: Alternative Rock
Origin: Thunder Bay, Canada

"Born in the Afterglow" is the newest release by Thunder Bay's Altamadum. The band from Ontario presents a highly versatile mix of different styles, genres and influences. Thus, the album definitely deserves close listening since otherwise many beautiful details may not receive enough attention. As the music is so various, the description of the sound is not the easiest task either, but I would go for Alternative Rock as the best fitting termination for Altamadum's "Born in the Afterglow".

The musical journey Altamadum invite us to is defined by soulful sounds, sweet melodies and joyful harmonies. Also, the album is coined by feelings such as wanderlust, melancholy and desire. The track 'Afterglow' (video above) is one of the best examples for the soulful and soothing atmosphere that Altamadum create here - it might be my favourite track on the album, by the way. It has this goregeous Blues Rock guitar that fits the atmosphere perfectly.

What the Canadian band provides us with here is an album full of heart and soul. Altamadum play Alternative Rock for those who believe in love and destiny. Despite all of this beauty, there are two things that I miss when listening to "Born in the Afterglow". Firstly, there is a lack of consistency and coherence. The variety of styles combined is very colourful and impressive, but the golden line that merges these different influences is still very vague. And secondly, I wish the sound was a lot more forceful. Sure, soulful Alternative Rock does not have to sound like Sludge, but altogether the sound on "Born in the Afterglow" is way too thin.

Apart from the last two points of criticism, it is a good album. I can imagine this to be very good fitting for dinner or a glass of red wine. Once the band has combined their different influences to a unique style, they might most likely release a killer album after this one. So, better keep the name Altamadum in mind!

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