Album Review: Shadow Warrior - Cyberblade (2020)

Picture Credit: Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior - Cyberblade
Release Date: November 18, 2020
Label: Ossuary Records / Spiritual Beast
Format: CD / Cassette / Digital
Length: 35:05
Genre: Heavy Metal
Origin: Lublin, Poland

Founded in early 2019, Lublin's Heavy Metal quintet Shadow Warrior has had some impressive output so far. After an EP and two Singles, autumn 2020 they released their first long-player "Cyberblade". So, prepare your necks for some headbanging, click "play" on the video below, while I will introduce you to Shadow Warrior:
Anna Kłos - vocals,
Marcin Puszka - guitar,
Krzysztof Aftyka - guitar,
Karol Zmaczyński - bass,
Zdzisław Krzyżanowski - drums.

There is a Heavy Metal revival going on out there, and Shadow Warrior are the perfect example for this happening. Without sounding too nostalgic or "remember-the.good-ol'-days"-pathetic, the band brings 80s Heavy Metal back to our present days.
It is the intense and rough but yet melodic music for the people who gather togethert to celebrate their plurarity and to oppose the grey reality. Shadow Warrior combine Heavy Metal such as Saxon or Warlock with tendencies towards both, Punk Rock and Thrash Metal. Also, not only the cover artwork is influenced by the Japanese heavy music scene.

Shadow Warrior blow up dust in a sphere that is in the need of it. Instead of playing the next Iron Maiden tribute album, the Polish band transports Heavy Metal to a new decade without neglecting the genre's roots. The music on "Cyberblade" is straight forward, uplifting and motivating. Central focus is on vocalist Anna who does not only sing "I am the Thunder". The outstanding musician shows off the impressive range of her voice which reaches from arya-like chants to harsh and scratching shouts. She most certainly is the thunder in this amazing tempest of Heavy Metal.

Shadow Warrior Online:


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