Album Review: Ramdat - FrimFall (2021)

Picture Credit: Ramdat
Artwork: Konstantina Dimoula

Ramdat - FrimFall
Release Date: January 22, 2021
Label: Polyscope
Format: Digital
Length: 37:37
Genre: Free Jazz / Noise / Experimental
Origin: Athens, Greece

Are you ready for another freakshow release full of improvised Jazz, experimental Noise? Then, here's Ramdat for you! The quartet was formed half a decade ago. Actually, by that time Ramdat was stil a trio. Since 2017 the Free Jazz combo has four members.
Shortly before the first lockdown in Europe, Ramdat played a concert in the Swedish capital Stockholm which was recorded. But the quartet did not stand on stage all by themselves since at this event, there were five musicians. As a guest, bass player Gustaf Hielm accompanied them.

"FrimFall" is a release that invites us to an expressive dance across the line between genius and madness. Hielm and Ramdat provide us with eclectic improvisations and meticulous shenanigans. On stage they make classic Jazz spiral around itself until it becomes a hurrican. The eye of the storm is filled with noise, glitches and raging fire.
Some might say, what a chaotic cacophony. I say, what a beautilful freakshow. But listen to it! You'll find the recordings here.

Ramdat Online:


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