EP Review: Locked In - Not Deay Yet (2020)

Picture Credit: Locked In

Locked In - Not Dead Yet
Release Date: December 25, 2020
Label: Epidemic Records
Format: Digital
Length: 14:49
Genre: Hardcore
Origin: Perugia, Italy

For seven years it was quite around Perugia’s Hardcore band Locked In. Now, with a changed line up and new power, the five-piece squad has joined forces with Brescia’s label Epidemic Records. With this new-found strength Locked In are sharply shooting back and they obviously show that they are “Not Dead Yet”.

The new EP features five tracks of massive Hardcore, some pieces of Punk Rock and a certain influence from Thrash Metal. Melody is not the strongest element on this release that reminds of the Hardcore Punk from the American East Coast. This is raging and powerful music for fans of Agnostic Front, Madball or German bands Act the Fool and Punishable Act. Locked In wrap their honest and strong announcements up in a rustling and metallic envelope and shout them out without stepping back.

It is a dark and cold atmosphere which is created by the metallic sounds. But it is a sound of hope, resistance, and a voice for those who refuse to give up. The shouted lyrics are often echoed by the backing vocals and hence create the air of 80s Hardcore Punk. Locked In shoot and shout against negativity and clearly get rid of their anger with this powerful release.

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